• Times Now | 28-May-2023 23:35

    When Will Oppn Stop Playing Double Standards Over President Murm

    In this episode of Newshour Agenda, Kritsween Walia will be discussing the boycott culture. During the inauguration of the new parliament building, opposition parties boycotted the event. Meanwhile, the Rashtriya Janata Party on social media compared the new Parliament House with a coffin. The Bhartiya Janata Party slammed the opposition for boycott politics, calling it unnecessary. "Not calling the sitting president for the inauguration of the new parliament building is against constitutional propriety", says Nikhil Jain, Political Analyst. Meanwhile, Aprajita Sarangi also rebuts back on the topic and said that 'To every action of PM Modi, there would be an equal and opposite negative reaction from the opposition party'. Watch out for a heated debate. #newparliament #nayasansad #englishnews #timesnow #englishnews #newshour #newshouragenda, Newshour News, Times Now

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