• Times Now | 06-Feb-2023 12:55

    Top News: BJP Slams Siddaramaiah Over His Anti-Hindu Remarks | Congress' Hindutva Shocker| Karnataka

    In the top news of the hour on Times Now, fresh developments are being reported from the state of Karnataka where Congress' Siddaramaiah sparks a fresh controversy with his Anti-Hindu remarks. Now, BJP has reacted and slammed the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, for his remarks on 'Hindutva'. 'Hindutva is different from the Hindu religion. Hindutva is for murder & violence. I'm against Manuvada & Hindutva,' says Siddaramaiah. BJP's Amit Malviya slams the "appeasement politics" of Congress. Keep watching the video to know more in detail!#Siddaramaiah #congres #karnatakanews

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