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    37:25Rahul Gandhi Slams Modi-Adani Ties In Parliament | New Row Ahead Of Polls? | India Upfront

    In this episode of the India Upfront with Rahul Shivshankar, we will deliberate on the row over Rahul Gandhi’s remark on PM Modi and Gautam Adani. Rahul Gandhi said in a statement that Adani and PM Modi are close friends and that the Central Government has given Adani special treatment. This is concerning the entire row over Adani FPO. In the meantime, the BJP attacked the congress and reminded it of its previous relationships with business moguls. Speaking on this, BJP’s Sanju Verma said, “In the last one week, everyone has become a stock market expert. Among the 7 listed Adani companies since 1988, only 2 came up under the BJP regime.” Watch to know more!#rahulgandhi #adani #rahulshivshankar

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