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    Breaking News: Opposition sharpens attack on Centre as they snub the new Parliament inauguration. Congress has said the tribal President was insulted with no invite. They have claimed that the 'Sengol' is fabricated. The RJD had said that the 'democratic institution's is under threat.' On the other hand, the Aam Aadmi Party has called it a 'cremation of the Constitution.' So the opposition at the point in time has of course sharpened it's attack on the Centre as they have boycotted the Parliament inauguration. 21 opposition parties were not present in the inauguration ceremony. The Congress at this point said that "The tribal President was insulted with no invited." Keep an eye on Mirror Now for the latest developments. #newparliamentbuildinginaugurationrow #opposition #congress #aamaadmiparty #rjd #boycottcall #sengolrow #presidentmurmu #bharatiyajantaparty #topnews #englishnews #latestnews #latestupdates #politics, Politics News, Times Now

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