• Times Now | 29-Jan-2023 22:05

    Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan Backs AMU Founder Statement O

    In today's discussion on Times Now, we will deliberate on Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan calling himself a 'Hindu' and row that followed. Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan defended Aligarh Muslim University founder Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's remarks that Hindu was a "geographical term" rather than a "religious term". Recalling Sir Syed Khan's words from over a century ago, the Governor said he had urged people to call him a "Hindu" during an Arya Samaj meeting. 'Sir Syed was given a reception by Samaj members when he completed his tenure in the Legislative Council during the colonial regime,' Khan said at a Hindu conclave. Arif Mohammed stated, quoting Sir Syed Khan, that he had asked Samaj members why they did not call him a Hindu and that he did not consider "Hindu" to be a religious term. The guest for this episode, Vivek Shrivastava (political Analyst) shares his opinion. Watch the video to know more!#keralagovernor #arifmohammadkhan #hindureligion #amufounderonhindu

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