• TOI | 08-Feb-2023 08:05

    Explained: Why Turkey's quakes are seeing such high casualties

    Turkey was hit by 3 major earthquakes in a span of just 11 hours. The first one that measured 7.8 on the Richter scale came in the dead of the night while most were fast asleep and lasted 40 seconds. The second one, measuring 7.5 struck in the afternoon while rescue workers were looking for survivors in the rubble. The third one was felt at 3pm and hit 6.0 on the Richter scale and could be felt as far as Beirut. The first one flattened homes and buildings across major cities in Turkey and is the worst in 20 years. The impact of the first quake was as strong as the one seen in 1999... Turkey's deadliest quak in which 30,000 people died. In the midst of the rubble and biting cold... relatives looked for their loved ones. This man..whose voice you hear on this video, is looking for mother and father. In neighbouring Syria ravaged by years of war the earthquake only added more misery in an already bleak and brutal winter. That brings us to the obvious question, Why was this earthquake so m

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