• Times Now | 28-May-2023 08:30

    Congress Asks Nine Questions To PM Modi On Completing Nine Years

    The Modi government will complete nine years in office. While the Bhartiya Janta Party is aestetic and continues to claim India's global state has risen under Prime Minister Modi's regime, Congress claims contrition on the completion of nine years of Modi government. Congress has released '9 Saal, 9 Jawab." Congress asks nine tough questions of the government, and in fact, Congress seeks nine years of government reports. Inflation and unemployment peaked in the congressional report. Congress said there was no firm policy on China; the old party also claimed points such as the government failing citizens during the pandemic. Clearly, the Congress, on the one hand, is asking those important nine questions to the BJP. Watch the full video to learn more.#bjpvscong #9yearsofbjp #latestnews #mirrornow, Politics News, Times Now

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