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    Anger Against Quota Rejig In Karnataka | Why Scrap 4 Quota For M

    In this episode of Beyond the Headline with Tamanna Inamdar, we'll talk about Karnataka's "Muslim Quota Cauldron." The Karnataka Cabinet's decision to eliminate the 4% reservation granted to Muslims under the 2B category has become an election issue in the state. The 4% OBC Muslim quota has been split between the Vokkaligas and the Lingayats. Muslims who qualify for quotas are now classified as economically disadvantaged. On this issue, BJP panellist Prashanth GS stated that "the Congress instigated these protests": On the other hand, Sanjay Hegde, Senior Advocate, stated that "these reservations will not be able to withstand legal scrutiny":For more updates on this keep watching Mirror Now.#mirrornow #muslims #reservations #bjp #congress #beyondtheheadlines #englishnews

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