• Times Now | 06-Feb-2023 14:30

    AAP Addresses Media After Delhi Mayoral Elections 2023 Gets Postponed For The Third Time | Mirror Now

    The Delhi mayoral election was also postponed today after the house adjourned without electing a mayor for the third time in a month on Monday. The MCD House has been adjourned for the third time in a month without electing a Mayor and Deputy Mayor. While addressing a press briefing, Atishi, an AAP MLA, also accused the BJP of attempting to postpone mayoral elections. "Whenever the BJP loses an election, it attempts to build a government through the backdoor." They began by fraudulently nominating aldermen and the presiding officer. Even now, the BJP will postpone the poll by causing a commotion. To learn more, watch the entire video!#Delhi #MCD #MaoyrPolls2023 #AAP #BJP #SupremeCourt

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