• Times Now | 06-Feb-2023 23:30

    24:18US Shoots Down China’s ‘Spy Balloon’ | How Will It Impact US-China Ties? | Beyond The Headline

    In this episode of Beyond The Headline with Tamanna Inamdar, we will deliberate on the row over China’s ‘spy balloon’ that was shot down by the US. The US administration had waited for the balloon to come over a water body for it to be shot down. American authorities also shut down three airports to clear airspaces. Meanwhile, China has called the shooting down an 'over-reaction by the US.' US authorities had claimed that the balloon was 'spying' on US territory, but China has claimed that it is just a 'weather balloon' gone astray. This is believed to impact the ties between the two countries as well. Discussing this, Dr John Harrison, Homeland Security Expert said, “Hard to believe that there would be any reason for Chinese to do weather research in the U.S.” Watch to know more!#ChineseSpyBalloon #uschinarelations #tamannainamdar

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