• Times Now | 29-Jan-2023 22:15

    14:29Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan Backs AMU Founder Statement On Hindu, Calls Himself 'Hindu'

    In today's discussion on Times Now, we will deliberate on Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan calling himself a 'Hindu' and row that followed. Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan defended Aligarh Muslim University founder Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's remarks that Hindu was a "geographical term" rather than a "religious term". Recalling Sir Syed Khan's words from over a century ago, the Governor said he had urged people to call him a "Hindu" during an Arya Samaj meeting. 'Sir Syed was given a reception by Samaj members when he completed his tenure in the Legislative Council during the colonial regime,' Khan said at a Hindu conclave. Arif Mohammed stated, quoting Sir Syed Khan, that he had asked Samaj members why they did not call him a Hindu and that he did not consider "Hindu" to be a religious term. The guest for this episode, Vivek Shrivastava (political Analyst) shares his opinion. Watch the video to know more!#keralagovernor #arifmohammadkhan #hindureligion #amufounderonhindu

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