• Times Now | 06-Feb-2023 15:05

    09:12China-US Relation | China Says US’s Move Of Shooting Down China’s Spy Balloon Has Damaged Their Ties

    In this discussion on Mirror Now, the anchor will deliberate on China- United States’ Diplomatic Relation after US shot down China’s balloon on United State’s territory. The balloon was seen flying near Washinton and is Suspected to be a spy balloon by China. The United States' decision to shoot down a Chinese balloon that Beijing claimed had veered off course has "seriously impacted and damaged" bilateral relations, China's foreign ministry said Monday. The guest for this discussion Achal Malhotra (Former Ambassador) said, "If it was a Beijing balloon that had drifted into the American airspace then why didn't China alert America about it. The incident has damaged the relations between the two big powers in the world". #USchinadiplomaticrelation #Chinaspyballon #americaonChina’sballon

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