• Times Now | 06-Feb-2023 15:55

    07:23AAP To Move Supreme Court After Delhi Fails To Elect Mayor Again | BJP Hits Back At AAP | Latest News

    The Delhi BJP unit has scheduled a news conference on Monday morning ahead of the national capital's mayoral elections. Today, after two failed efforts to hold the election, the Municipal House will meet once more in order to hold the elections for the mayor of Delhi.The AAP announced that it will petition the Supreme Court to have the elections held in a "court-monitored way" after the Delhi municipal House was postponed for the third session in a month without electing a mayor. After a commotion broke out over the nominated members permitted to vote in the election for the position, the municipal House was unable to elect a mayor on Monday. Keep watching Times Now for more updates. #aap #bjp #delhimunicipal #mayoralelections #latestnews

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