• Times Now | 26-Jan-2023 11:20

    04:49Juniper Oak: US, Israel Launch ‘Largest-Ever Joint Drills’ | War Games To Simulate Strikes on Iran?

    The United States and Israel launched one of their largest-ever joint military exercises on Jan. 23. The drills named "Juniper Oak 23.2" has been described by Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder as the allies' most significant joint exercise to date. The week-long exercises involve thousands of forces, a dozen naval ships, and 140 aircraft, including nuclear-capable bombers, HIMARS, and multiple-launch rocket systems. The drills come amid rising tensions between US and Iran over its nuclear programme and Tehran allegedly supplying drones to Russia amid the war in Ukraine. Are these drills aimed at sending a message to Iran? Will the war games simulate strikes on Tehran? Watch for details.

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