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    03:36Author Saurav Dutt Attacks Amazon | Modi And Me Book De-Platformed | Latest Updates | Times Now

    Many people are questioning how to deal with the cancelled culture, which is blatant proof of how just mentioning Hindutwa and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's accomplishments has agitated the Amazon ecosystem, according to one of the writers. has taken down a book called Modi and me, and, believe it or not, one of the justifications given for doing so was that it promoted Hindutva-based literature. Saurav Dutt, the book's author, published their conversations. After receiving complaints regarding its contents, Dutt alleged that his book Modi & Me is A Political Reawakening had been removed from Amazon and that his account had been deleted. This is absurd, a whole farce. I'll shortly offer additional information. Keep watching Times Now.#narendramodi #amazon #sauravdutt #modiandme #latestnews

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