• Times Now | 05-Feb-2023 11:45

    02:52Kerala: Ugly Fight On Kerala Football Ground Between Players Leads To Chaos, Audience Barges Into Field

    Kerala's Malabar region is well-known for its passion of football. Under floodlights, sevens football competitions (each team fields seven players instead of eleven on smaller grounds) attract ten thousand spectators every night once the season begins. The tournaments have their own rivalry, records, and hype as clubs from across the region gather their top players, including foreign recruits, to compete for the title. However, things did not end well as pushing and headbutting between two competing players erupted in Koduvally, Kozhikode district. Following a foul whistle by the referee, two players from Royal Travels Kozhikode and Super Studio Malappuram faced off. It was a semifinal match, and both sides had scored goals when the incident occurred. To learn more, watch the entire video!#Kerala #Kozhikode #Malabar # RoyalTravelsKozhikode #SuperStudioMalappuram #Football

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