• Times Now | 07-Feb-2023 20:55

    01:56Rahul Gandhi Calls CM Yogi Adityanath A 'Thug', Yogi Retorts The Insult | Latest Updates | Times Now

    News Pulse: Day after Rahul Gandhi took on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and questioned his credentials and called him a common thug and do not understand Hinduism. He also said CM Yogi is not only insulting history and traditional Gorakhnath Math but also indulging in 'Adharm'. Meanwhile, today while speaking in Tripura in an election campaign, Yogi Adityanath tore into Rahul Gandhi saying insulting the Hindu faith is the default nature of the grand old party. Rahul Gandhi's comments have led to a fresh round of exchanging charges between the two parties. Watch the video for more details!#YogiAdityanath #RahulGandhi #CongressVsBJP

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