• Times Now | 29-Jun-2021 16:15

    Extending gap between two doses of vaccine will increase the level of antibodies, says Oxford

    Cases of COVID-19 is decreasing in the country but the pandemic is not over yet. After the alpha variant delta variant was responsible for the second wave in the country and now the mutant of the delta variant, the delta+ variant is said to be responsible for the third wave. The government has been trying hard to vaccinated people in the meantime and the prime focus, for now, is to increase the vaccination rate in the country. Recently India achieved its milestone in vaccination maximum number of people in the given period of time. Now the new research on vaccines has suggested that if the gap between two doses of Covishield is further extended to 45 weeks apart, nearly four times of antibodies will be generated than the doses that were given 8 to 12 weeks apart.

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