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    31:17Why Railway Board Recommended CBI Probe In Balasore Train Accident? | Newshour Special Edition

    In this episode of the Newshour special edition, Kritsween Walia will be discussing the Balasore Train Accident. The central government has escalated the probe in the matter as the railway board recommends a CBI probe. "Make no mistake, the questions need to be asked. This issue can't be brushed under the carpet. My concern is the politicisation of the issue. What oppisition fails to understand is that firstly the main thing is everyone's safety", says Tushar Gupta. "Unlike the road network, the railway network works on daily maintenance. If there's any failure, it will result in an accident", says Ramakrishnan TS, Railways Expert. "Before the Odisha Train Accident, no one would've known who was the Railways Minister as all the decisions are being taken by one man inside the PMO", says Kamru Choudhury. Tune in for a heated debate.#englishnews #odishatrainincident #newshour, Newshour News, Times Now

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