• Times Now | 26-Mar-2023 21:45

    10:50Cong & Clerics To Move Court | Bommai Govt Drops Muslim Quota | 'Reservation Is Not India's Fiefdom'

    In this edition, we will deliberate on the decision made by CM Bommai's government to drop the Muslim quota considering it, 'Unconstitutional.' However, the opposition condemned the decision of the Bommai government calling it communalism ahead of Karnataka assembly polls 2023 later this year. We are joined by a few panelists who will be expressing their views on the matter. "Justice was delayed, but not denied. The 4% reservation was completely unconstitutional:" Sudha Halkai. "The 56% reservation in Karnataka is in clear violation of the SC's verdict in the Indira Sahani case:" Sumanth Raman. Listen in! Watch the video to know more in detail! #congress #clerics #bommai #cmbommai #karnataka #reservation #muslimquota #timesnow

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