• Times Now | 07-Feb-2023 10:40

    06:07Aptus Value Q3 | PAT Rises YoY | NII At Rs218 Cr Vs 210 Cr on QoQ | M Anandan | ET Now

    Arptus Value Housing Fin has delcared it's Q3 number. It's PAT has risen on year on year basis. NII At Rs218 Cr Vs 210 Cr on QoQ. AUM is at 6307 cr which is up 31% on Year on year basis. MD of Arptus Value, M Anandan while explainig the quarter said that overall market and fianance indutry is doing well and so is Arptus. We have consitant strong growth in these 9 months.#arptusvalue #arptusvaluerevenue #arptusvalueperformance

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