• Times Now | 28-Mar-2023 17:30

    04:57Rahul Gandhi Disqualification: High Voltage Drama Inside And Outside Of Parliament By Opposition

    As per the latest news from Mirror Now, there is high-voltage drama inside and outside of Parliament. Both Houses adjourned within minutes; a copy of the Rahul Gandhi disqualification order was thrown at the Lok Sabha chair. According to the sources, the opposition parties push for discussion on the Adani issue. The opposition parties are adamant about the JPC probe on Adani. Both houses of parliament adjourned within minutes. Rahul Gandhi's disqualification copy was torn, and the order copy was thrown at the Lok Sabha speaker.For more updates on this story, keep watching Mirror Now.#mirrornow #latestnews #parliament #adani #jpcprobe #rahulgandhidisqualification #englishnews

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