• Times Now | 08-Feb-2023 08:05

    03:22Chat GPT Vs BARD, Battle Between Microsoft And Google, What Exactly Is The Fight About? | Beyond The Headline

    In this episode of Beyond The Headline with Tamanna Inamdar, we will deliberate on new generation of artificial intelligence chat bot which has unleashed a titanic battle between Microsoft and Google. A battle for the eyeballs of billions of web users and the money they bring in. Microsoft has gone all in with its investment in open AI, the firm behind the worlds most famous bot Chat GPT. Google which has owned the search market for 20 years is not sitting silently, it hit back with its own inhouse bot called Bard. But what exactly is the fight about? We have Raksha to explain the complete scenario. Keep watching to know in detail. #google #microsoft #googlebard #chatgpt

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