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    02:23'Yogi A Thug' Rahul's Fierce Salvo | Big Win For Victoria Gowri | Top Headlines | Times Now | Latest News

    Here are the headlines at this hour! 1. The AAP file a petition in the Supreme Court over the mayoral elections and the presiding officer's orders allowing nominated aldermen to cast vote.2. While the Supreme Court was deliberating on petitions seeking to prevent Victoria Gowri from being sworn in as a Madras High Court judge, she took the oath necessary to become a judge of that court.3. MPs from the opposition staged a protest inside the Parliament and demanded that either the Joint Parliamentary Committee or the Supreme Court supervise an inquiry into the Adani situation.4. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the grand old party over the "Rafale deal" and was accused of lying, the Congress retaliated against him on Monday.5. Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, asserted that no religion fosters hatred and that Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, cannot be a religious figure because of the language he used.Keep watching to know more about it!#headlines #a

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