• Times Now | 07-Feb-2023 20:05

    02:08Subramanian Swamy Slams Rahul Gandhi Over Comment On Agniveer Scheme | English News | Times Now

    In a significant development being reported from the political arena, Subramanian Swamy has slammed Senior congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks concerning Agniveer scheme. He said that Rahul Gandhi's remark against Agniveer scheme is all allegations and he has no proof to substantiate his claims. Swamy also alleged that Rahul retorts to lies often and that his claims have no foundation. Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi had said in Parliament that he was told by experts that the Agniveer scheme is not implemented on the advice of army but Ajit Doval and its an agenda of BJP. Watch to know more!#subramanianswamy #rahulgandhi #englishnews

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