• Times Now | 07-Feb-2023 13:55

    01:54RaGa Calls UP CM ‘Common Thug’ | Turkey’s Death Toll Rise To 4300, India Sends In Rescue Teams

    The top headlines of the day are-1. Parliament to reconvene amid ruckus over demand for investigation on Adani controversy- Rahul Gandhi may speak in parliament today.2. Delhi Mayoral election ruckus reaches top court- both the competing parties, AAP & BJP hit the street in Delhi.3. Supreme Court dismisses plea opposing the appointment of Victoria Gowri as Madaras HC Judge4. Maharashtra Congress Vs Congress: Balasaheb Thourat resigns from his congress legislative party leader.5. Rahul Gandhi attacks scathingly on UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath- Rahul Gandhi calls out UP CM as a common thug and not a religious guru.6. Turkey's death toll mounts to 4300- during this situation, the world pledges to support Turkey, and India dispatches rescue teams to Turkey.#latestnews #topheadlines #mirrornowheadlines

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