• TOI | 19-May-2023 16:40

    Ukrainian soldier records his close encounter with Russian Forces

    A Ukrainian soldier filmed his own close call with Russian forces on the front lines in Donetsk Oblast on May 16 when he was hit from only meters away. The squadron leader of the 3rd Assault Company of the 24th Separate Assault “Aidar” Battalion, who goes by the callsign Osman, was filming a battle in the Bakhmut area when he was hit by a Russian inside a bunker. Dramatic footage captured by the soldier shows him and another uniformed Ukrainian fighter fall over, before Osman retrieves his weapon and begins shooting back into the bunker, his hands covered in blood. He then continues rushing through the trench to a combat medic who bandages his arm. He later posted a video showing his bandaged arm. A spokesman for Osman’s battalion told Storyful their squadron leader was injured but recovering.

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