• Times Now | 12-Jul-2021 18:05

    RJD vs JDU: RJD mocks 'lawlessness' in Bihar, party claims 'no fear of law and order'

    The Rashtriya Janata Dal mocking 'Lawlessness' in Bihar under Nitish Kumar's government. In fact, they have claimed on its official Twitter handle, they put out a tweet saying that there is no fear of law and order. An incident happened during the Janta Darbaar, A women's chain has been snatched during this meeting. This is not the first time when the opposition has attacked state government for their alleged policies When it comes to controlling crime enforcing law and order in the state. This is the second time the reaction is coming in from RJD, and this time it's from a lady from Bakhtiyarpur. The woman entered the premises during the Janta Darbaar, her gold chain was missing.Watch the video to know more!

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