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    Pegasus Spygate Row escalates; Will the opposition succeed in getting a fair probe? | Converse India

    In this episode of Converse India, Rahul Shivshankar discusses the Pegasus Spygate row, which is only escalating now. Ahead of the Parliament's Monsoon Session, Amnesty International released a report claiming that the NSO group's Pegasus has tracked phones of 50,000 individuals from across the globe. The list also contained names of Politicians and journalists from India. Ever since the snoop gate allegations began, the opposition has been demanding a fair probe in the matter, claiming misuse by the Central government. However, the Central government denied these allegations and called it a fishing expedition since there has been no confirmation in regards to the list that has been released. While the opposition is bent on a fair and neutral probe, the Centre has hit back and stated that they will not legitimise the malign India Plot.Most newspapers that form the consortium that styles itself as forbidden stories have been hostile to India in the past. The pillar of this is Amnesty In

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