• TOI | 30-May-2023 21:40

    Heartbreaking video shows piles of garbage on Mt Everest

    A viral video capturing the presence of scattered garbage on Mount Everest has sparked widespread reactions. As one of the largest base camps attracting numerous visitors annually, Everest's beauty is marred by the sight of discarded waste. Despite the mountain's remarkable climbing tales, the video highlights the unfortunate reality of climbers leaving behind trash. The footage has prompted discussions on the need for responsible tourism and preserving the pristine environment of this iconic peak. In the video shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu on Twitter you can see tents around the mountain. Along with the tents, you can also see garbage lying around. In the post, the IAS officer wrote, “When human beings don't spare even Mount Everest from dumping their garbage and plastic pollution. Truly heartbreaking.”

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