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    40:57CM Mamata Vs Visva Bharati University | How Did Relations Breakdown To Such A Big Low? | Mirror Metro

    Mirror Metro: In this episode of Mirror Metro, the host Shreya Dhondiyal will be discussing the matter of Mamata Banerjee backing Amartya Sen on Visva-Bharati land dispute which turned out to be Bengal's new war, CM Mamata vs Visva Bharati University. In the show, Bidyut Chakrabarty VC VISVA-BHARATI UNIVERSITY along with Dr Shataropa from BJP & Professor Mondal from TMC will be joining. Vice Chancellor has published a statement against Chief Minister signed by PRO of the university. Its not just a critical statement but disrespectful also. central university in West Bengal’s Shantiniketan, has accused chief minister Mamata Banerjee of instigating teachers and students facing disciplinary action while calling her partisan “who sees through her ears” and believes “whatever her lackeys tell her.” Honored guests will put their opinions across and discuss the matter. "I have moral responsibilities to protect the university's land and property. Mamata Banerjee is protecting someone

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