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    02:57Assembly Polls: BJP To Contest 20 Seats In Nagaland And All 60 Seats In Meghalaya | Mirror Now

    As per the latest news on Mirror Now, The BJP will contest on all 60 seats of the Meghalaya Assembly and fight the Nagaland elections in an alliance with the state's ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party, contesting on 20 of 60 seats. Nagaland Meghalaya & Both the states will go to polls on February 27 and counting of votes is due for March 2 Bhartiya Janta Party is all set for elections in Tripura Nagaland and Meghalaya. During the press conference Nain Kohli stated that PM Modi has visited north-east 50 times in past few years, north-east has been the focus of this government they have a huge presence in north-east. Top leadership of BJP would be campaigning in North-east from tomorrow. Keep watching Mirror Now to know more updates.#BJPinnortheast #nagalandelection #meghalayaelection #topnews

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