• Times Now | 24-Jan-2021 00:15

    Carrot & Stick, Black, Epochal or Rollback - India's ten most memorable Budgets

    Report by Konica Bhatt & Rishabh ChakrabortyThe Union Budget is right around the corner! This is a big year for Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman as she presents her third budget right after the pandemic shocker. Although it's one of the most-awaited budgets in a long time, it certainly is not the only memorable one in India's history. From Independent India's first budget, to 'Carrot & Stick Budget', 'Epochal Budget' and 'Dream Budget', India has seen a number of budgets which stood out over the years. What were their significance and why are do they have such unique names? Konica Bhatt & Rishabh Chakraborty take a trip down memory lane to bring you some of India's most historic budgets.

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