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     Business Analyst – The most underrated profession with excitement and nerve-wracking responsibilities in various parts of the world. Business Analyst is the Top Level On Demand Job Position in this world . Before learning BA courseand expecting the Job Opportunity as a BA we should know all about BA. 

    1. What is Business Analyst?
    As per the International Institute of Business Analysis(IIBA) - “Business Analysis is the process of practicing the change in the organization by identifying and enabling the business needs to deliver the stakeholders with the standard solutions for growth of the organization.”

    2. Who is Business Analyst ?
    A business Analyst or BA is a person who revamps the business with various needs of products, services, hardware and software’s through data analysis as per the market standards. 
    BA’s play a key role in creating the models to support business decisions by working closely with the and IT team, HR team , financial team and other teams to improvise initiative strategies by optimizing cost. 

    3. Why Ba Is Important To An Organization?
    BA works agile to straddle the gap between IT and the organization to improve the adequacy. 
    BA’s help and guide the business in bridging the gap between the IT requirements and their business using data analysis to add value to their organization. Along with articulating the ideas to enhancing the business BA’s should also balance the technologies with suitable financial and functionality feasibility. 
    Business Analyst helps to complete the Quality project with plans and strategies.So, this is the main reason BA ‘s Position has much demand in the market.